Introduction to Sump Pumps

What is a Sump Pump? Where can it be found? Do I need a Sump Pump? How do Sump Pumps relate to insurance?

A Sump Pump gets rid of the water that collects around your basement’s walls and floor. It is needed because water pressure on your basement walls can lead to big problems, and when the water table rises, it can flood your basement. The water to be sump-pumped is collected by perforated piping that runs around the outside edges of your basement. The water is sent to the Sump Pit, which is a basin for the water to accumulate in. The Sump Pump will be found in the Sump Pit, and will most likely be found in the unfinished part of your basement. When the water level in the Sump Pit reaches a certain point, the Sump Pump will automatically turn on and pump the water through another pipe that will displace the water properly.

In Nebraska, not all homes will have the need for a Sump Pump. Those that do, have one for one or a combination of the following reasons:

  • The water table below your home is high enough to reach your basement when it rains
  • Your home was built in a valley/in a flood-prone area
  • The land is improperly graded away from your house
  • Your decks, patios, driveway, etc. is improperly graded away from your house
  • Your gutters are not adequate/are malfunctioning

These scenarios allow for water accumulation along your basement, which will eventually lead to seepage, with a possibility of collapsing the basement wall(s) entirely. Seepage alone creates issues of mold and mildew, and can ruin your insulation. drywall, and carpeting.

If your home is built on top of a hill, has properly graded land, pavement, decks, etc. and has properly functioning gutters, you may have no need for a Sump Pump. However, for those who do have one, most insurance companies offer a Sump Pump coverage endorsement that will protect you if your Sump Pump were to fail. Some of these endorsements include coverage for collapse because of a malfunctioning Sump Pump as well.

Note: No Homeowner’s insurance policy comes with Sump Pump coverage as a standard coverage.


Colten Zamrzla, CPCU

Colten first started in the insurance industry in 2010. He then pursued a Bachelor's degree in Finance & Insurance from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. Once graduated, he immediately started studying for the CPCU and achieved it in just shy of a year. He is solely focused on commercial insurance, able to assist all types of businesses and nonprofits in risk management.

Colten has dedication and passion for his clients and the insurance industry as a whole. He dedicates time to furthering his knowledge on all things business and insurance, and he volunteers for the Independent Insurance Agents of Nebraska, a state-based trade association.