Craft Beverages

Insurance Expertise for Breweries, Cideries, Distilleries, & Wineries

With the recent boom in 'craft' alcohols, whether that be a beer, whiskey, wine, or anything else, there has also been a boom in 'craft beverage' insurance for these types of operations. When everyone is saying they have 'special', 'unique', and 'industry-leading' coverage, who are you to believe? How are you to know who actually has the best and who is just riding the hype?

At Copple Insurance Agency, we have special training on how to properly read and interpret an insurance policy. We then use our skills to go through the strenuous, and often tedious, process of thoroughly analyzing the insurance policies we sell. Also, when we're bidding on an account, we take our competitors' policies and read through those too. Yes, this takes a lot of time, but at the end, we truly know what's better for our customers and we can tell you which insurers are truly specialized.

Our in-house craft beverage specialist, Colten Zamrzla, is active in the Nebraska Craft Beverage scene and has completed the Brewers Association's Brewery Safety Training series. He also helps plan the annual Okto Beerfest event that supports the Nebraska State Stroke Association.

There are a lot of options for you when it comes to insurance, but wouldn't you prefer to know that you have the best protection? And wouldn't it be nice to know that your insurance agent is just as excited about your craft as you are? If so, give Colten a call at 402-475-3213 or send him an email at to get a conversation going and get your craft properly protected!