Why Choose Us?

The quality of our service is based on our well-trained, professional staff and our serious, conscientious attitude with clients. Each of our customer service representatives is a licensed insurance agent and we continue our education to endeavor to stay aware of the latest trends, coverages, and techniques. We're involved in our communities and we deliberately organized ourselves to provide the most freedom to our clients. 

We are an Independent Insurance Agency

You know you need insurance, but do you know the best way to purchase it? Learn about your options and how an Independent Agent is different!
  • Being Independent, we represent multiple carefully selected, financially sound, reputable insurance companies.
  • We have the freedom to select the right carrier or carriers for each client so we can obtain the right coverage at the best value.
  • In the event of a loss, our in-house claim specialist is here to work with you to be sure your claim is settled promptly.

Our Account Executives are CPCU's

When you choose a CPCU®, you can be sure that you are working with someone who has significant experience and can offer you guidance on your insurance decisions.  What is a CPCU?

We are Members of the Lincoln Independent Business Association

We take pride in bettering our community and being active members in it. LIBA allows us to unite with other businesses in town to promote and perpetuate the free-enterprise system. We focus on supporting the success of all businesses in Lincoln, ultimately creating a better Lincoln for everyone.

We are Members of the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce

Similar to our involvement with LIBA, our involvement with the Chamber reflects our passion for  building our 'big small town' of Lincoln.   

We are Members of the Better Business Bureau

Our goal is to be fair and transparent in all of our interactions. We believe in being honest and operating with integrity at all times. Being a member provides a direct oversight of us, furthering our goals.

The Services You Can Expect

  • A thorough analysis of your insurance needs.
  • The selection of the company or companies best suited to your situation.
  • Professional assistance in designing a protection program for you.
  • The presentation of a competitively-priced proposal.
  • Efficiency in obtaining fair, prompt settlement of your claims.
  • Periodic reviews of your insurance program to check for overlapping or redundant coverages.
  • Periodic reviews of your insurance program to check for coverage gaps.

Our Primary Objectives

  • To be honest and fair in our dealings.
  • To be interested in people and their problems.
  • To treat the client’s needs as though they were our own.

Our goal is to maintain a high standard of excellence in all that we do and to establish a firm relationship of mutual trust and service with each of our clients.

Our Aims

  • To reduce your insurance costs.
  • To eliminate gaps in coverage.
  • To create a holistic view of your company's risk management.

Our professional staff analyzes your insurance requirements from the viewpoint of total risk management. By risk reduction, risk transfer, and risk assumption, we aim to minimize the cost of your insurance package. We will examine your existing insurance coverage, make recommendations, and submit cost comparisons for you to review.


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