Niche Markets

Specialized Programs for Unique Risks

Commercial Real Estate

We can cover any sort of space, be it offices, retail stores, aviation, industrial, habitational, or manufacturing. We can even cover vacant or unoccupied buildings too! Our programs include access to coverage enhancements not found in standard policies, and paired with our many years of experience and specialized training, you'll have peace-of-mind in your real estate investments!

UAVs, UA, Drones, & General Aviation

Through our specialty carriers, we can provide coverage for both your manned and unmanned aircraft. We'll help you navigate through the special coverage for aviation insurance, such as General Liability, Aircraft Liability, Personal Liability, and Hull Coverage.

Construction & Contractors

We're an Associate Member of the Associated General Contractors of America and there's nothing too big or too small when it comes to insuring contractors—we can help startups and seasoned professionals and everything in between! We can even help heavy construction operations, such a tunneling and boring, roadwork, and crane operations. We can also provide all of the surety bonds you need!

Sports & Recreation

Our carriers have created specialized programs for fitness operations that include unique coverages at very competitive rates. Sports clubs/leagues, health clubs, gyms, yoga studios, fun runs, and many other operations are eligible. We can also provide Professional Liability, Special Events, and Accident insurance!

Retirement Living

We have many years of experience in insuring the unique risks faced by independent retirement living operations. We can help with independent senior living communities, home health care operations, hospice services, and senior apartments and housing. All coverage lines are available, and our carrier partners are committed to these types of operations.


Craft Beverages

We have insurance programs designed for the unique risks of a brewery, brewpub, winery, or distillery! Our companies can provide specialized coverages for these operations, such as Contamination Expense Reimbursement, Temperature Change Losses, Water Backups, and Tank Leakage. Better yet, our companies can provide all of the insurance coverages in one complete insurance package—Liquor Liability included! Read More...