What is a CPCU?

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Just as a CPA is your professional tax partner, so too is a CPCU® your professional insurance partner. The CPCU designation is awarded by The Institutes, and it stands for Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter. It is recognized as the premier professional designation of the property and casualty insurance industry.

To earn the credential, CPCUs must pass national examinations covering such diverse subjects as insurance law, ethics, accounting, and management. In addition, CPCUs must also have industry experience and abide by an enforceable code of professional ethics. These demanding standards ensure that when you choose a CPCU for your insurance needs, you are choosing someone who not only has your best interest in mind, but someone who has the background and knowledge to prove it.

Why do business with a CPCU?

When you choose a CPCU, you can be sure that you are working with someone who has significant experience and can offer you guidance on your Property and Casualty insurance decisions. A CPCU designated agent is someone who keeps up-to-date on industry issues and coverages, and is able to offer you excellent protection at competitive prices. CPCUs are also bound to an enforceable code of ethics and they have pledged to put your interest above their own. Simply put, CPCUs are dedicated to helping consumers make better insurance decisions–and are highly qualified to do so.

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